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Especially math, science, business, history, and english.

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Connor Barr

Connor is entering his fourth year at Western in a dual-degree with Civil Engineering and Business, a degree which he hopes to eventually use to implement energy sustainability solutions into society. He has always been very passionate about the environment and sustainability and this has guided many of his decisions thus far (including joining the T4C team!).

Connor pursued the Head Campus Ambassador in response to his passions of sustainability, education, and entrepreneurship. He loved T4C’s approach to rerouting the path of used textbooks from the landfill to students in need. Furthermore, Connor was drawn to the autonomy of the position, as he hopes to start his own business one day and this is an incredible learning opportunity for entrepreneurship.

Besides Textbooks for Change, Connor is a brother of one of the fraternities on campus. He also leads a not-for-profit organization he co-founded with fellow Western students that aims to educate local high school students about consent and methods of non-violent intervention. Connor loves Western for the multiple ways to get involved on- and off-campus and create a student experience unlike anyone else’s. If you are a Western student interested in getting involved with Textbooks for Change, be sure to send Connor an e-mail at cbarr25@uwo.ca!


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