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We accept any post-secondary textbooks from the past 15 years, in any condition.

Especially math, science, business, history, and english.

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Tooba Syed

Tooba Syed is a 3rd year Graphic Design student at OCAD University. She has a passion for all things communications as well as photography. She grew up in Saudi Arabia but is originally from Pakistan. She got involved with T4C during her second year at OCAD U as the campus ambassador. She got involved because she is very interested in making social impact, helping people, and letting them know what they can do to help others or themselves in respect to social impact. As ambassador this year, Tooba hopes to work with campus faculty members at OCAD and to get the best quality of textbooks possible. Tooba also does freelance graphic design and photography work outside of university. She is working towards a minor in Photography this year and wants to develop her own style with graphic design and learn as much as she can. After finishing her degree in Graphic Design she wants to learn to speak Spanish fluently as it has been something she has loved ever since high school. You can find her on instagram @toobsterz.

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