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We accept any post-secondary textbooks from the past 15 years, in any condition.

Especially math, science, business, history, and english.

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Meet the Coordinators!

Kendal is in her 4th year studying business and is this year’s Logistics Coordinator. She wanted to get involved in Textbooks for Change after being inspired by the amount of textbooks they have been able to collect and how their efforts help students in Canada as well as students in East Africa. She is excited to work with Carleton’s team to exceed their goal and help spread the word about Textbooks for Change.

Natalie is a 3rd year student at Carleton pursuing a degree in Public Affairs and Policy Management. She hopes to increase awareness of Textbooks for Change on campus to ensure its success for years to come. She also hopes that through marketing and awareness campaigns, Textbooks for Change will become the number one option to dispose textbooks for every student on campus.

Kendal (left) logistics coordinator, and Natalie (right) marketing coordinator!
Kendal (left) logistics coordinator, and Natalie (right) marketing coordinator!

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