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We accept any post-secondary textbooks from the past 15 years, in any condition.

Especially math, science, business, history, and english.

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Meet Our Awesome Brock Ambassadors!

Laura Cope (Left): Co-Marketing Coordinator
Hey all! My names Laura but all my friends call me Laur. I’m a second year of Honours Media and Communication with a Minor in Film Studies student and one day I hope to be standing front and centre working in the NHL, or Alpine Canada. I got involved with T4C because I wanted to help students receive the same awesome education we are fortunate enough ourselves to receive everyday. In my spare time, i like to improve my recently watched tab on Netflix.

Leanne Karat (Centre-Left): Logistics Coordinator
Hi everyone, my name is Leanne Karat and I am the Logistics Coordinator for the Brock University campus. I’m in my second year of the business administration co-op program. I got involved with Textbooks for Change because I strongly believe that education is a right and not a privilege. I am privileged as a Canadian citizen to have access to education, and T4C is important because the organization helps people who do not have the same accessibility.  Other clubs I’m involved with are the Brock Innovation Group and Goodman JDCC and in my spare time I enjoy reading and playing my guitar!

Anmol Panesar (Centre-Right): Head Campus Ambassador
Hi everyone! My name is Anmol Panesar and I am a 2nd year Honours Political Science student at Brock University. I got involved with Textbooks for Change because I am passionate about empowering people through education. In many ways, education  is the stepping stone for success, and extending that courtesy to students in East Africa seems like a great cause. My goal for Textbooks for Change this year is to simply broaden our outreach at Brock University! In my free time, i like to relax on a soccer pitch, or play pickup basketball.

Justin Menne (Right): Co-Marketing Coordinator
My name is Justin Menne and I am a 2nd year Honours Political Science student at Brock University. Education is something I believe everyone has the right to which is why I got involved with Textbooks for Change. The idea of being to help students who don’t have the same resources as we do made this the perfect opportunity for me to get involved in. In my spare time, I enjoy cooking and reading.

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