We donate 50% of the textbooks to partner campus libraries in East Africa.

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We resell 20% of textbooks at affordable prices to students, funding initiatives on local campuses.

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We recycle any out-of-date, damaged, or unusable textbooks.

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Education is a Human Right.

Textbooks for Change provides affordable and accessible educational material to students both locally and across the globe. We believe that post-secondary students should be able to learn from high-quality material, regardless of their geographic or economic status. Whether it’s donating educational material to campus libraries in Kenya or selling an affordable used textbook to a student in Canada, our goal is to improve the educational landscape around the world. We work collaboratively with campus and community partners to create this impact, book by book. Learn About Our Impact

Donate used textbooks published in the last 15 years. We will find them a better home!

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