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“One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” In 2013, that became more than just a saying for our founder, Chris Janssen.

As a student at Western University, Chris noticed that many of his peers had stacks of old textbooks sitting in their dorm rooms. They loved donating this old material to help other students.

While lecturing in East Africa, Chris found a very different scenario. Smart and ambitious students were sharing photocopied, out-of-date material.

Launching a Global Social Enterprise

With these experiences and an entrepreneurial spirit, Chris and co-founder Tom launched Textbooks for Change in 2014 to improve the educational landscape for post-secondary students around the world.

What began as the vision of one social entrepreneur has since inspired students, professors, and community members from across the globe to grow Textbooks for Change into a successful for-profit social enterprise and top-rated B Corp.

B Corp

We are a social enterprise and B Corp – a new kind of company which uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.

Joining the B Corp community formally recognizes our ongoing commitment to operate based on our values and provides a formal assessment tool for monitoring our progress moving forward.

We have been recognized as one of the Top B Corps in the world for 2 years running. 

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Make a Change

Every textbook donation positively impacts students around the world.

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Education in East Africa

Education acts as a gateway for millions of young people around the world. It provides young people with the skills necessary to attain personal success and impact their community.

Socioeconomic class should not dictate educational opportunities. Educated youth have the ability to tackle issues surrounding gender equality, literacy rates, and youth employment in order to reduce poverty and foster peaceful societies.

At Textbooks for Change, we believe that access to affordable and accessible education should be a human right for all.


15 Universities

We’ve partnered with over 15 universities in East Africa who are looking to better their campus community, including Moi University and Pwani University in Kenya.



500,000+ Students

By donating to libraries, we’ve provided over 500,000 students in East Africa with access to high-quality textbooks and journals.



A donation of 25,000 textbooks has a value of $500,000 USD, providing major cost-savings for universities.

Providing Access to Educational Material

When Chris was teaching in East Africa, he first noticed the problem facing universities. Since then, we’ve met and interviewed hundreds of students, professors, and librarians to assess the need for educational material for institutions and individuals.

In East Africa, there is a rapidly increasing student population (there are over 450,000 university students in Kenya!) but university budgets continue to be unpredictable. On top of this, students continue to face internet access and connectivity issues.

We partner with under-resourced universities to donate textbooks to their libraries. Libraries multiply the impact of our donations, providing everyone with the ability to learn.

Environmental Sustainability

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

We repurpose donated textbooks from University and College campuses across North America to reduce waste on campus. Every textbook we receive is reused or recycled, creating amazing environmental impact.

By partnering with like-minded campuses to host dropboxes, we help institutions improve their recycling activities and encourage all students to engage in waste diversion activities.

We are committed to helping campuses sustainably reduce and divert as much waste as possible.

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