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We accept any post-secondary textbooks from the past 15 years, in any condition.

Especially math, science, business, history, and english.

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Agilan is currently a third year pursuing his Bachelor of Business Administration degree at York University, with a dual specialization in Accounting and Entrepreneurship.

As a frequent reader of crime-fiction novels, he understands the value and enjoyment reading books can bring to an individual. Having the ability to provide students with the books necessary to learn and become educated individuals, is the reason behind why he joined Textbooks for Change as their Head Campus Ambassador. In addition to that, it provided him with an excellent opportunity to build his entrepreneurial skills. This year, he hopes to bring awareness to York about Textbooks for Change and their overall mission to provide affordable and accessible education to students.

Apart from Textbooks for Change, he is involved with the Schulich Accounting Society and York DECA. He is also an avid cyclist and is hoping to one day cycle competitively on the Provincial or National level. If you are a York University student who is interested in getting involved or becoming a part of Textbooks for Change, please feel free to reach out to Agilan at agilan.vaseekaran@gmail.com

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