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We accept any post-secondary textbooks from the past 15 years, in any condition.

Especially math, science, business, history, and english.

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breanna_mcmasterBreanna is the Campus Ambassador for Textbooks for Change at McMaster University. She is currently in her third year of Honours Commerce specializing in Finance. Breanna became involved with Textbooks in her second year, when she heard about it from a friend who was the previous Campus Ambassador. She identified with the mission statement and wanted to help bring its attention to students across the McMaster campus. This year, Breanna hopes to execute more drives throughout the year and have them be bigger in terms of promotions and actual books collected.

Breanna is also involved with the McMaster Student’s Union service the McMaster Maroons where she maintains the role of Athletics Coordinator. After Breanna graduates she hopes to work in the field of finance for a few years and later study and practice law. Breanna loves McMaster University because of the diversity in terms of both students and opportunities. There is also a genuine passion for the school that runs through the student body and all those that have been involved with the school, whether faculty or alumni.

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